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Quake in streets

A scene of the environment after the earthquake

The 2009 Chicago earthquake was an 10.3 magnitude earthquake that obliterated the city of Chicago on June 9, 2009 at 12:44pm, leaving Adam Collins and hundreds of other survivors stranded in the city.


The 10.3 earthquake occurred June 29, 2009 and hit the city of Chicago. Its survivors would be left to fend for themselves, trying to find a way to survive the "social and environmental" breakdown that is said to grow worse with each passing day.[1]

Adam Collins would've been the primary focal point of the player's perspective into the post-apocalyptic environment as the characters navigate the crumbling cityscape and hostile inhabitants of a lawless city. With the city in ruin, all survivors have to find their own Consumables, supplies, and water to attempt to assist those in need of aid.




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