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IAA chapter 4
Game: I Am Alive
Place: Skyscraper
Previous Chapter: Chapter 3: Shelter
Next Chapter: Chapter 5: Skyscraper

Dust is the fourth chapter[1] in I Am Alive. It features the first time the player travel go through the dust clouds and the introduction of sliding, an element of Climbing.


The Protagonist heads outside to find the dust storm has passed, leaving a blanket of dust over the environment. Reaching the skycraper that contains the medicine for Mei isn't an easy task. Traversing the ruined area outside the mall, the Protagonist slides down slanted parks of the street to reach the scaffolding of the partly constructed and destroyed building.


Go outside to see that the dust storm left a layer of dust resting in the city. Go across the wreckage until you reach a long slope. Start sliding down. Once at the bottom, go behind the barricades and pick up the painkillers. Then, climb up to the railway on the pipe that waits. Go until the railway ends, then go down and go into the Skyscraper that you must go to to get the medicine for Mei.


Not all Victims and Items locations confirmed.