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Mei, Part 2
I am alive screenshot 014
Game: I A Alive
Place: Westgate Shopping Mall
Previous Chapter: Chapter 6: Mei, Part 1
Next Chapter: Chapter 8: Line 4

Mei, Part 2 is the seventh chapter in I Am Alive. The player will travel through the same area they did in the later sections of Chapter 3: Shelter, only reversed and much shorter.


Once the Protagonist gives Mei the medicine, he overhears somethings and feels it is time to move one. Henry instructs him to take the Mall's subway line to make down underground to avoid the dust in order to keep Mei safe.


After you get to Mei, go out of the initial room you begin in, and take a left. Go down the ramp and go forward to pick up a First Aid Kit that lies idle behind a shopping cart. After doing that, go back to the end of the ramp and climb along the railing of the pathway until you hit a pole. Slide down that pole and go to your left to pick up a soda can lying idle. Then, go back to the pipe and you should see a glow in front of a doorway. Go to that to begin the next chapter.


Not all Victims and Items locations confirmed.