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Darkworks S.A. was an independent video game developer and technology company based in Paris, France. The company is known for its games that include Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare and Cold Fear.



Darkworks was founded in 1998 by Antoine Villette, who was the president of the company, and Guillaume Gouraud, the company's General Manager and Artistic Director. The studio employed more than hundred people.


In addition to its game development activities, the company lead several other companies on PlayAll, an integrated multimedia production toolchain and set of engines funded by the Cap Digital cluster.

TriOviz for Games TechnologyEdit

TriOviz for Games

The TriOviz company, in partnership with Darkworks, developed the TriOviz for Games Technology, a technological solution that enables smooth stereoscopic 3D conversion of video games or multimedia products.[1]

I Am AliveEdit

Darkworks was the original developer of I Am Alive. In their version of the game, it was to take place in Chicago. Also, the game was going to be a physical disc release for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC rather than an Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC title.

From 2005-2009, Darkworks was to create the game known as I AM Alive. In 2008, released a cinematic trailer for I Am Alive. However, due to "creative differences" between Darkworks and Ubisoft, Darkworks was removed from the project by Ubisoft, who replaced them with Ubisoft Shanghai in the late stages of development. The original concept of the I Am Alive was scrapped for a apocalyptic-themed game closer in tone to The Road and Assassin's Creed in its gameplay mechanics.


In October 2011, the studio was placed into Compulsory liquidation and was closed.[2] Following Darkworks Liquidation, TriOviz bought the companies stereoscopic activities and teams.[1]


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