Hello, valued editor! This is the I AM Alive Wiki, a public database dedicated to everything related to I AM Alive that anyone can contribute to! Currently we have 90 articles with a small but growing community of I AM Alive fans!

We currently have articles on things like Items, Survivors, Victims, and much more. But, we need any edits that you can provide, so please, if you see anything the I AM Alive Wiki needs, please feel free to make an edit, create a page, or add a picture. An Admin will surely check over your work, so if you are new to Wikia, go ahead and edit!


For a much more detailed description of adminship, please visit Special:ListAdmin.


Currently we have one Bureaucrat on the wiki, Uditore, who watches over the wiki and edits like everyone else, but is presumed the "leader" and can grant and take away other editors rights.


We currently only have one "active" admin, AKtrollin, who actively edits and polishes the wiki, but has special rights that enable him to block, rollback, and edit the main page. We also have two "inactive" admins, Mistertrouble189 and Lily Ford.

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