I Am Alive (Original Soundtrack)
I Am Alive Soundtrack
Released  April 16, 2012[1][2]
Length  16:33
Label  Ubisoft Music
Producer  Jeff Broadbent

I Am Alive (Original Soundtrack) is the official soundtrack for the 2012 post-apocalypse video game of the same name. I Am Alive was composed by Jeff Broadbent and released under the Ubisoft Music label. The digital soundtrack was released April 16, 2012 for iTunes and[1][2]



In an interview with Complex Magazine, composer Jeff Broadbent explained that because environmental desolation was crucial to the design of I Am Alive, the score was produced primarily with that in mind.[3]

Broadbent used, "ethereal and sound-design" that blended "organic and synthetic elements" together to create the proper "sonic imagery" to compliment the devastation of the abandoned and crumbling city of Haventon. Oppositely, the Protagonist's relationship with the girl named Mei offsets the bleakness the score with "poignant emotional themes and motifs".[3]


# Title Composer Length
1 "The I Am Alive Main Theme" Jeff Broadbent 1:36
2 "Desolate Park" Jeff Broadbent 2:56
3 "Mei's Theme" Jeff Broadbent 2:45
4 "Deadly Encounters" Jeff Broadbent 2:05
5 "Henry's Refuge" Jeff Broadbent 2:19
6 "Hotel of Horrors" Jeff Broadbent 2:22
7 "Mahler Cover Theme" Jeff Broadbent, Gustav Mahler 2:30

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