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Original Concept Character
Man with Red Tie
Name Man with Red Tie
General Information
Timeline 2009 Chicago Earthquake
Group "Chicago's Survivors"
Media I Am Alive

"Man with Red Tie was a character that appeared in the 2008 teaser trailer for Darkworks's I Am Alive.[1]


2009 EarthquakeEdit

As Adam discontinues his walk to a garage box placing his drink on top and receiving his cell phone from his pocket in front of a office building and then talking for a short while. The man with a red tie slowly walks out of the building checking his watch (the time is 12:44PM). Adjusting his tie, he passes Adam and says, "I'll see you upstairs, Adam", moments before the wreckage of the earthquake occurs.[1]

Prior to the event before, on the sixth day after Chicago's massive earthquake, the Man with the Red Tie can be seen pursuing and then catching up to Adam with two other men. He demands an unknown object from Adam, claiming he knows what they want. Distracting the men, Adam throws a water bottle directly over some dirty glass. Desperate for water, the three men dive straight onto the glass and fall straight to their death in the wreckage below.[1]

It is unknown how well they knew each other. The lack of compassion shown by Adam implies maybe they had little to no relationship with each other.