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This article is about the unexplained event in I Am Alive. You may be looking for the 2009 Chicago Earthquake.


Haventon in the aftermath of the Event.

The Event is a series of earthquakes that shook and nearly destroyed the city of Haventon and most of America in I Am Alive. Details of the Event are never described in full, but entails a series of earthquakes and plumes of dust and ash.

According to the Protagonist, it began a "year ago" from the events of the game.[1] which take place during the 21st through the 22nd April of an unknown year[2]


The Event is a series of earthquakes, floods, and ash and dust clouds that occurred without warning and took place continuously without letting up. People sought refuge in makeshift shelters and some to emergency shelters.

A survivor named Linda reveals that the scramble to escape the city had the populace walking over each other to reach the crowded boats that would take them to the survivor camps and settlements where the air was clearer and the environment was safer than the hostile city, but strapped for resources. Those who were unfortunate enough to miss the boats were stranded in the toxic city, surviving as best they could on dwindling supplies. Those that dared to go outside and braved the dust rarely ever returned.

During the events of the game, aftershocks still rock the town of Haventon, but some at random moments and rarely last long. The protagonist must climb through these ruins of the town he once called home in search of the two he cares about most, his daughter Mary and wife Julie.


  1. Chapter 1: Return
  2. Dates as seen on the screen of the Protagonist's camera

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