I Am Alive Location
Inside hotel
One of the rooms inside the hotel
Water's Edge Hotel
Name Water's Edge Hotel
Location Haventon
General Information
Status Destroyed, Occupied
No. Group(s) Encountered Gangs, Victims
No. of Victims N/A
Item(s) Found N/A
No. Retrys N/A
Media I Am Alive

The Water's Edge Hotel, also called the Blue Hotel, is a location featured in I Am Alive. It is found in the fifteenth chapter.


After bringing Mei back to his apartment, Henry locates Linda in the hotel and sends the Protagonist to rescue her from hostile survivors. The hotel serves a stronghold for a gang whose primary goal appears to be kidnapping female survivors and forcing them into sexual slavery.

The Protagonist can help two women who escaped the gang on the first floor. Offering an injured woman first aid for her ankle will in turn provide the Protagonist with information on the location of Mei's mother. The injured woman states that Linda has most likely already been "welcomed" by the occupants of the hotel.

Traveling through the hotel to the fourth floor, the Protagonist will encounter several enemies and rescue other survivors before finally reaching and rescuing Linda from any harm. The protagonist will then have to travel back through the hotel, facing much smaller groups of opposition, until reaching Henry's apartment.