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Another bottle.

Wine is a consumable featured in I AM Alive. It heals the protagonist's health by 2/4, but slighty injures his Stamina by 1/6. It can be found where Mei is first found in a tent after the chapter Dust.

A second wine can be found during the episode "Radio Haventon Part 2". After getting back the radio, you will come agains 2 machete guys, just in the front, where the wall is ship wall is broken you can see a thick chain, go bellow and you will meet an old man who will share the bottle of wine and a rat meat.

A victim on top of a building requests that the protagonist bring her a bottle of wine. It is unknown if any other survivors will request one.


  • Formerly, the victim on top of the building would have appeared twice, allowing the player to get another retry and another 2% completion. This was fixed in the most recent update, though.

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